Research Projects

When I first created my website back in the days, I decided to add this “Research project” section as I was super interested in several, academic (more or less) research projects and as I enjoyed doing small research projects for my physics degree or alongside. You can see a subset of these projects in the “Old Research Projects” section.

For now, I'm no longer into in academic research as such. I'm mostly doing policy and outreach work, as well as teaching AI governance and AI risks to diverse audiences. My focus is on emphasizing the importance of bridging the gap between technical AI safety and AI governance, using economic and scientific research based principles to guide the safe, ethical and efficient integration of AI into society.

Old research projects

Published in , 2021

I did some small research projects in numerical analysis and modelling as part of my degree in physics. Here are some of them. These are small projects that don’t have much professional value but I thought it was worth sharing anyway so you can better have a grasp on what I find amusing to look at back in the days.