Old research projects


I did some small research projects in numerical analysis and modelling as part of my degree in physics. Here are some of them. These are small projects that don’t have much professional value but I thought it was worth sharing anyway so you can better have a grasp on what I find amusing to look at back in the days.

An introduction to self organized criticality (SOC)

Numerical modelling project (Python) of the Bak-Sneppen model contributing to renew the study of the macro-evolutionary dynamics of natural selection. link

An introduction to climate modelling

Evidence of global warming through the study of surface temperature trends using Python. link. Brief study of the integrated assessment model DICE (Nordhaus, 1992).

An introduction to epidemiological modelling

Least squares study of an influenza epidemic, peak and decay of the epidemic and estimation of the parameters of the infection using the SIR model. link

Vaccine sharing problem

In this paper, we need to solve a ressource allocation problem where a central planner, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), has a number of vaccine doses to distribute among a finite set of countries. In order to make the fairest distribution, each country must declare whether it meets certain criteria. These criteria, left to the discretion of the central planner, can be demographic, economic, epidemiological and so on. The cooperative game theory approach and social choice theory provide a suitable framework to address the issue of fair sharing of such resources among a group of agents.