Academic and personal interests

last non trivial update: september 2022

I am generally very interested in the mathematical formalisation of social and economic phenomena. Methodologically speaking, and since I like moral philosophy, I love the axiomatic method (as it is used, e.g, in cooperative game thoery or social choice theory) which is inherent to a normative approach to the problem. I also like computational methods, as I have already tested with my various small projects in Python (see Research Projects section). Thus, I am particularly interested by the development of mathematical and computational decision-making models to better design public policies, especially with regard to the interests of future generations. There are several very nice and interesting tools from economic theory that can be used for this purpose such as game theory, mechanism design, social choice theory and so on. I think using these tools can be helpful for reducing barriers to evidence-based decision-making and improving public policies from a long-term perspective.

I guess I’m someone pretty curious and I like trying modelling both social and natural systems and phenomena so I also like physics. Physics and economics are two fields that I consider complementary as it seems to me that knowledge in these two disciplines is an asset for some of the future challenges I think our society will have to face.


If you ever pronounce these words in front of me, be aware that they really trigger me as well: