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Funny and crazy mathematical beings

13 minute read


This post is just a small collection of mathematical concepts that I thought were crazy when I first heard about them. These are some level of abstraction that are sometimes purely aesthetic per se. Enjoy! I might basically update regularly this post along the way I discover some other crazy mathematical beings.


My favorite game theoric concepts and impossibility theorems

9 minute read


Game theory is the name given to the methodology of using mathematical tools to model and analyze situations of interactive decision making. It is thus an incredible powerful tool to (i) predict the behavior of several decision makers and (ii) provide decision makers with suggestions regarding ways in which they can achieve their goals. Starting with this basic definition, the reader probably has his head in a twist now as the number of possible applications of this incredible tool are numerous, not to say infinite.

Some praise and vilification of rationality in economics

12 minute read


Often when I explain to someone what I do in my studies, i.e. mathematically formalised social and economic models based on the hypothesis of the rationality of agents, I am told that the concept of rationality is something outdated and that, consequently, models based on this hypothesis are not valid. I sometimes had a tendency, perhaps a little pedantic, to mechanically quote the famous statistician George Box: ‘All models are wrong but some are useful’, which is always useful to bring out to shine in society. However, after discussing it, some reflections came up that I discuss here.

My 4th anniversary of vegetarianism

21 minute read


Life, and this is so much the better, is often much more comical than we imagine. Looking at those old photos of me eating meat to my heart’s content, who could have said at that moment that I would become a convinced anti-speciesist and vegetarian a few years later?